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Do you service outside of the Dallas area?

Absolutely! Although our central service area is Dallas, GA we service all over the metro Atlanta area and a little further. So long as the address is within a 20-25 mile radius of our location, we can provide you with a rental.

Do you provide free estimates/quotes?

Yes we do! If you check our services page, you will see our standard dumpster rental rates. If you have any other questions, contact us via email or phone and we'll get them answered immediately.

Is there a weight limit to how much I can put in the trailers?

Yes there is. For our 12- and 14-yd dump trailers, we have a set weight limit of 1 ton. For our 16-yd and above, we have set a 1.25 ton weight limit. Should a dump exceed that, there is an extra fee depending on the amount of weight exceeded.

Is there a fee for early completion of the dumpster rental?

No, there is not a fee for completing the rental early and requesting the junk be removed if you are finished. HOWEVER, there is a $175 fee for requesting the dumpster be dumped and returned to the residence. The rental agreement commits you to ONE rental for a specified period of time. Requesting the dumpster be removed, dumped and returned voids that original agreement and begins a separate rental should the client want to keep the trailer to the conclusion of the original rental date.

How are additional fees/penalties handled?

Any additional fines or penalties are processed at the completion of the rental. If any infractions occurred, then the client will be notified via call or text and sent an additional invoice of the incurred fee. The client has 24 hours to pay the fee on their own OR the card on file will be charged the following business day after the 24 hours expires. This is explicitly stated in the signed rental agreement.

If I have a truck, can I move the trailer if need be?

No! The only person(s) allowed to move and remove the rented dump trailers are employees of DOHx2 Services, LLC. You as our client are not insured under our business and should any damage occur in transport or placement to you, the trailer, or another residents property we are held at complete fault and are responsible for non-compliance to the rental agreement. 

When will the trailer be delivered to my residence?

The standard time of delivery for our dump trailers usually ranges between 8-10 am depending on traffic and distance to the clients residence. If the time will be later in the morning, we contact the client directly and inform them about the reason for the delay but that their rental will be delivered as soon as possible.

Can I place washers/dryers/stoves in the trailer?

Yes you can but please notify us if you intend to do so. Different counties have different rules governing the disposal of heavy household appliances, so we have to make sure we're in compliance when disposing of them. Appliances with refrigerant or freon are still forbidden to be placed in the trailer and will be charged if found. If it is old then please put it in last.

Can concrete go in the trailers?

Yes, but preferably a minimum amount. Dump Trailers can handle the weight but they are not built for excessive amounts of it. If you're doing renovations, then a roll off trailer would be better suited for this type of job.

How many items can go into the trailers?

As much as you can fit in there. So long as the items going in the dumpster do not violate what can't be taken nor go over the walls of the dumpster then get in there as much as can fit.

In addition to dumpster rentals we also provide curbside pickups if needed, item delivery (mulch, gravel, bulk items on pallets, et cetera) and scrap metal removal.

What other services do you provide besides dumpster rentals?

Are the services outside of the rentals priced the same?

No they are not. Services outside of the dumpster rentals have a different price and must be discussed via email or phone call.

Do you do junk removal?

At the current moment, no we do not. We provide the dumpster for rental, not the physical labor of removing items from a client's residence. Depending on the circumstance of the rental it may be considered but at the current moment, junk removal (labor) is not a service offered by us.

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